Osprey Housing

Osprey Housing Group“The Osprey Group incorporates Osprey Housing formally Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership and Osprey Housing Moray formally Moray Housing Partnership which are Independent not for profit businesses with objectives based on providing and managing high quality housing across the North East of Scotland.

We are a dynamic enterprise with a clear social responsibility committed to providing quality affordable housing. We generate and reinvest surpluses in order to build and manage homes across a range of tenures and for a range of income groups. While we do have a particular focus on trying to help those in greatest housing need we also work to help respond to demands across all parts of the housing market.

The Osprey Group strives to manage our businesses imaginatively and inventively to benefit our tenants; future tenants and communities through our own activities and effective partnership working.

We are accountable to members and tenants, who live in or have other interests in the communities and places in which we operate. Our governing body member boards are independent; voluntary; protect our reputation and ensure our long term viability. There is no mandatory control or direction given by any other public body.

Regulation of the sector in which we operate is carried out by the independent Scottish Housing Regulator.”

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