Cairn Housing Association

Cairn HA logo

Cairn Housing Association is a not-for-profit charity whose mission is simple – to make affordable housing more accessible to more people in need of a home of their own.  Across Scotland, we provide vital accommodation and landlord services, helping to foster genuine local communities that don’t just improve where people live, but how they live to.

We want to make welcoming communities of more affordable homes, more accessible to more people.  And we want to provide these people with landlord services that surpass their expectations.  Making them feel reassured, supported and connected.

Cairn in numbers:

  • Over 3200 homes across Scotland
  • Factoring service to 700 homes
  • Around 165 staff across Scotland
  • Three offices in Edinburgh, Inverness and Bellshill
  • Annual rental income of £14.4m
  • Total income of over £16.3m


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